What is the P&C?

The P&C is an incorporated not for profit organisation that is highly involved in the activities of the school.

What does the P&C do?

The objectives of the P&C are to:

  • Promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation; and
  • Assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and in promoting the recreation and welfare of the school.

Key functions of the P&C are operating the canteen and clothing pool, and fundraising for school equipment to ensure classrooms provide the best possible learning environment for our children. This can range from items as simple as art equipment and books, to the purchase of interactive whiteboards or the purchase of air-conditioning units for all the classrooms, a major project completed in 2007.

How can I assist the P&C?

There are many ways you can assist the P&C. For example:

  • Consider volunteering for the canteen one day a month
  • Join a grounds working bee
  • Help in a fund raising event
  • Attend P&C meetings
  • Volunteer as an office holder for the P&C or sub committess

For more information, see the school Newsletter or contact the P&C President.

Who can become a member of the P&C?

P&C membership is open to parents and guardians of pupils attending the school and to all citizens within the school community.

What are the advantages of membership?

Financial members are able to vote at P&C meetings. An added advantage of membership is that you will be covered under the NPS P&C personal accident insurance while volunteering for the P&C, for example in the canteen or at grounds working bees.

How much is membership?

Annual membership is currently $2.

How do I be come a member?

Membership can be arranged by submitting $2 via the P&C Box in the Office. Please place the money in an envelope with your name clearly marked. Alternatively attend a P&C meeting and subscribe in person.

What committees does the P&C have?

There are the following committees:

  • Social/Fundraising Committee, organises various social and fundraising events to raise money for the P & C. 
  • Canteen Sub-Committee, administers the canteen which is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The canteen manager is employed by the P&C. All other helpers in the canteen are volunteers from the school community.
  • Band Committee administers the training and concert bands and meets separately to the P & C.
  • Clothing Pool stocks a full range of school and sports uniforms and opens on a Friday. The Clothing Pool is administered by the P&C Clothing Pool Coordinator and an assistant.
  • Grounds Committee coordinates the working bees that keep the school grounds in order.
  • Building Fund Sub-Committee works with the Building Coordinator to assist with fund distribution
When does the main committee meet?

The main committee meets twice a term on the 3rd and 8th Monday, time 8pm in the Staff Room, public holidays excluded.

When do the auxilliary committess meet?

Meeting dates vary depending upon the family and work commitments of the Auxiliary members, and will be advised in the newsletter.

What are the office holders positions and responsiblities?
Position  Responsibilities 
President  Oversee P&C operations; schedule and chair P&C meetings; coordinate the P&C calendar of events; assist with fundraising and social events as required; chair the canteen sub-committee. 
Secretary  Minuting of P&C meetings; oversee P&C correspondence. 
Treasurer  Maintain the books of account; administer payment of expenses; prepare financial reports for P&C meetings and the financial statements; coordinate annual audit of the P&C accounts. 
Fundraising / Social  Coordinates social and fundraising events
 Vice President Stands in for the President if required
Clothing Pool Coordinator  Administer the clothing pool, including all aspects of stock and financial management; opening the clothing pool once per week. 
Building Fund Coordinator Oversee P&C Building Fund matters
Band Coordinator  Oversee the band sub-committee and band operations. 
Ground Coordinator  Coordinate the grounds working bees (4-5 per year) and coordinate P&C contributions to the school grounds. 
Class Parent Coordinator  Coordinate class parent volunteers. 
Communications  Oversees the website, social media and looks at assisting with communications with the P & C and school.
Canteen Roster Coordinator Maintain the roster of canteen volunteers and assist the canteen manager in filling vacant slots in the roster and arranging cover for absences. 
Canteen Treasurer  The P&C employs a bookkeeper to maintain the canteen financial records and administer payment of the canteen manager. The treasurer coordinates the audit of the canteen books. 
Where can I get more information about P&C Associations?

The website of the Parents & Citizens Association of NSW has a lot of information. Click here to go to the website.